Covid Policy

Covid-19 Precautions

    • All attendees should have received two doses of the vaccine with the second at least 2 weeks before the weekend.
    • All attendees should take a lateral flow test before the weekend and only attend if that test is negative, see below for details on obtaining test kits.
    • Attendees must wear masks or visors when moving around the Abbey.
    • Attendees must wear masks or visors when in close proximity to tutors.
    • Attendees must wear masks when visiting other modelling rooms.
    • All doors and windows will be opened in rooms when occupied in order to improve ventilation.
    • Sanitiser gel will be available and should be used frequently or when handling tools or materials shared with others
Lateral flows tests may be order via the Government website direct or by visiting your local chemist.
If you can not attend due to a failed lateral flow test your course fees will be refunded.
If you are unable to comply with the above list please contact us to discuss any possible options.